My name is Chiyoung.

My day job is working as a VC at Cue Ball Capital in Boston. Besides researching and supporting the portfolio across various industries, I have had a special focus and interest in women-focused / inclusionary ventures. During my time in this area, I've had many unique opportunities to collaborate on customer-centric projects and initiatives with many of our founders. I'm very lucky to work with such an interesting and talented set of founders and investors every day.

In addition to working in VC, I cook, mentor, craft leather goods, and geek out about mechanical keyboards (among many other things).

My goal in life:
I want to make venture and entrepreneurship more accessible. Beyond that, I want to help founders, entrepreneurs, and aspiring VCs be their best selves and realize their full potentials. To that end, I do my best to mentor anybody who reaches out. I also push out content that is focused around this purpose, drawing back the curtains on venture capital and some of the decision-making processes that go behind the scenes. If at the end of my career 100 people can point to some impact I have had in enabling their goals, then I will consider myself successful.

Please enjoy whatever you find from the below links, and feel free to email me with anything. I read all my email, or try to :)