What I'm Doing
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Bulger Partners
I'm an incoming Associate at Bulger Partners, a consulting firm in Boston that specializes in software and tech and works with companies and private equity firms.
I'm one of the founding members of HSA Dev, a seed-funded software development agency run entirely by students. I'm working on business development and product management, and I've had a blast learning about building a business and I'm excited for these next few months as the company begins to take off!
What I've Done
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MIT Media Lab
I worked with Ben Berman in the Playful Systems group in the MIT Media Lab on Minionate, a Hearthstone-like card game that mixes in elements of collaboration and team dynamics. I developed a search system for the card builder using Meteor and Google Blockly.
I worked as a product manager at Ambi, a social network startup. I worked with a small team of developers to build out some of the website's core features, and it was an interesting journey learning how to work with the massive existing codebase and set up a project management workflow.
Senior Thesis
My senior thesis was a guitar amplifier that provides musicians with a mid-range price combined with varying degrees of flexibility. I worked with Rob Wood and Jim MacArthur at Harvard SEAS on this project.
During the summer of 2016, I interned at Microsoft as a program manager intern on the Instrumentation, Diagnostics, and Telemetry team and worked on enterprise and privacy tooling.
During the 2016 Microsoft //oneweek hackathon, my friends and I created a HoloLens minigolfing game in Unity. It was an intense three days, not to mention the several weeks of planning that went into it to prepare for the hackathon.
16-bit Processor
Using Cadence and Verilog, I created and simulated a 16-bit processor that incorporated datapath, control, register file, and I/O for my VHDL class. It came with 6 assembly-level instructions.
MorseKey, MacroKeys
Using Arduino, I experimented with designing very simple interfaces that still provided users with a lot of power. One was a single-button Morse keyboard and the other a customizable macro keypad.
Nichrome Icicle Cutter
From September - December 2016, my friends and I developed an icicle cutting machine that ended up in international news and on Discovery Channel Canada. Our startup made it into the Harvard Innovation Lab.
Over the summmer of 2015, I developed a versatile product with Seth Donoughe from the Extavour lab at Harvard. One of its uses allows many miniscule samples to be imaged at once.
Experimental Cochlear Implants
During the summer of 2014, I worked on a tool for experimental fully implantable cochlear implants with researchers from Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary and NYU Langone Medical Center.
Cochlear Implant Simulations
I made a cochlear implant impulse simulator during the summer of 2013 with researchers from the House Research Institute that simulated experimental stimulation patterns before trying them on current cochlear implant users.
Acoustic Triangulation System
Using 3 microphones and MATLAB, I created for my physics E&M class a device that would pinpoint the location of any object that created a noise within its perimeter.
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
During the summer of 2012, I had the privilege of being an employee at the Jet Propulsion Lab where I created a radiation model for the magnetic atmosphere of Uranus.
My name is Chiyoung Kim.

I'm a strange-instrument-playing and tap-dancing technology geek, and a general mishmash of my various passions in science, technology, and the arts. I enjoy designing and making fun things and side projects in my spare time.

I am a senior at Harvard College studying Electrical Engineering with a secondary in East Asian Studies. As probably shown above, I enjoy teaching myself a ton of random things and learning how to code fun and weird things in my free time.

Fun fact: with the amount of time I have spent in machine shops and maker spaces in the past few years, I am probably known to the State of California to cause cancer.
I'd love any and all opportunities in the field, questions you may have for me, or comments on my website. Please feel free to take a resume!

Chiyoung Kim